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Traditional Thai Massage is not only healthy, it’s a perfect form of relaxation too.

Thai massage is as well a form of therapeutic health care based on ancient medicine as a form of passive meditation and physical recreation.

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The massager typically starts with the feet and legs of the recipient, who initially lies on his back.

This is followed by a massage of the hands, arms, back and neck, and – depending on the practitioner’s style – a short head and face massage.

The videos below should give you a basic idea of the environment.

The massage girls usually have numbered badges on their dresses, and a kind of manager is always around to assist you with choosing the “right number”.

After you’ve made your choice, your massage girl will take you to a private air-conditioned room on the upper floors of the massage parlour.

Depending on the standard of the venue, some rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and relatively luxurious; others aren’t.

Such extra services, should they be offered, are however included in the regular price.

Foot massage, as the name says, is performed on the feet of the recipient.

While this may sound painful, a traditional Thai massage – provided by a trained and certified practitioner – shouldn’t actually hurt but be both relaxing and healthy for the recipient’s entire body and soul.

If you find your massager’s style too “aggressive” or “painful”, don’t be shy and ask him or her to swift to a “softer” massaging style.

While a traditional Thai masseur/masseuse usually won’t make use of oil, except for perhaps some Tiger Balm oil, oil massage (softer and less “painful” but also less effective) and variations like aromatherapy or “herbal massage” are also available in most massage parlours, however at slightly higher prices.