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But this is also information that is useful in calculating Jesus' birth since St.

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In the ancient writings of the Church that have survived, it is frequently quoted and appears to have been an updating of the Didache as the official catechism of the universal Catholic Church, just as the Church updated the catechism by the publication of the Universal Catechism in 1994.The Constitution of the Holy Apostles contains instructions on the celebration of the Holy Days.There is no doubt, however, that the Constitution of the Holy Apostles is an extremely ancient document written by the Fathers of the Church.Most scholars agree that the first six books cannot be written later than the 300s and some scholars argue that it may have been written in the 200's or even earlier.However, it was unlikely that Zechariah was the officiating High Priest during the Feast of Yom Kipper in the year 4/3 BC since there are comprehensive lists of all the ordained High Priests who served in the Jerusalem Temple from the 2 century BC to the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, and a priest named Zechariah is not listed.

Also, if he was the High Priest he would not need to be selected for the honor by drawing a lot.John the Baptist was six months older than Jesus (as the ancients counted; as we count five months older): And I tell you this too: your cousin Elizabeth also, in her old age, has conceived a son, and she whom people called barren is now in her sixth month (Luke -37). John the Baptist's ministry and the information concerning the difference in months between John and Jesus' conceptions, it can be calculated that both St.John and Jesus' births were probably in year 3/2 BC.Book V, section 3 begins with a subject heading and then addresses the Holy Days including the celebration of the Lord's birthday: ON FEAST DAYS AND FAST DAYS: A CATALOGUE OF THE FEASTS OF THE LORD WHICH ARE TO BE KEPT, AND WHEN EACH OF THEM OUGHT TO BE OBSERVED. Brethren, observe the festival days; and first of all the birthday which you are to celebrate on the twenty-fifth of the ninth month....The ancient date of the Constitution can be verified by the fact that its authors were still using the Jewish liturgical calendar.The Constitution of the Holy Apostles is not as old as the Church document The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles.