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I'm in Ha Noi now after dating a VN girl for a while.

Context: I'm a foreigner (US) and met a Vietnamese girl at a restaurant she works at.We've been on a few dates and have more planned. They are extremely loyal and will be looking for a husband that she will stay with for life.Even though these girls know the chances of a expat/foreigner settling down and marrying her is low, shes willing to risk it anyway. Yes it is very odd, probably due to her previous high yield high risk investment not coming through in the previous years. My advice is that enjoy yourself, sure she wants to date you just because you are a foreigner, but how is it different then a girl dating a guy for his looks or money or personality?No its not odd for a VN girl to act that stupid/silly, but at her age, she should have grown out of it by now. man, I don't know where you are, and I just mean this factually, but I don't see vn girls looking at teachers as any great social leap at all, somewhat the opposite actually.As a regular expat/foreigner, the ones that teaches English in language school/center, you are already gifted with the social standing and income at near upper-middle class in Vietnam.

For regular VN, this is something nearly impossible to climb to within 1 generation.I don't find vn girls want to date foreigners because foreigners either, she probably just thinks you're nice, or handsome or whatever, and the next foreigner a jerk because he is.And more girls want to marry, especially if older, but not young girls.Only small things change like wearing shoes inside (obviously) and that all of her family tries to feed me at all times.You're likely to be offered a lot of food, and they're much happier the more you eat. Mothers are likely to endorse the most successful (wealthy) suitor in many cases, but like all things in life, this isn't 100% across the board.Its not necessary, but its a good touch shell appreciate.