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And, let’s just be really honest, the reason “guarding her heart” became a thing is because men before you lied and we wanted a better term for lying.How about we just drop that and form a new message: Pursue God and quit lying to women to fulfill your desires for emotional and physical intimacy. Message: Romantic relationships should be walking toward marriage.But the danger is that a couple doesn’t “make-it,” and that fall-out can harm the body.

But when you fellowship in the same assembly, when you share the same friends, and attend the same events it can be very difficult.I can speak from real experience here, both as a pastor and as a former serial dater.Dating within the church is risky for the whole church.As the pastor of a young church full of college students I have seen first-hand the real danger that dating within the church poses to the whole assembly.We recently had an awful experience where an engaged couple ended their relationship. It can even, in some very sad cases, end in people leaving the church.

It was painful for many reasons that I can’t go into here, but it also saw great heartbreak in our whole church. It’s important, then, to remember that dating within the church is not just about you.It’s not that I don’t want people in our church to grow together, and fall in love, and commit to life-long relationships.I love our guys and girls and often think that they are good matches.As partners in the same church you have very specific responsibilities towards one another and responsibilities together for the rest of your church.Remember that after this date you will still have responsibility for their growth.The truth is, being a guardian of a heart is God’s job.