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Furthermore, the East India Trading Company was the sole provider of tea.

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Summer 1904 was beyond hot, and one British entrepreneur, Richard Blechynden, decided to use the beating sun to his advantage.

He realized that there would be many thirsty Brits and other people craving a good cup of tea at the World’s Fair in St. However, he also realized that it would be far too hot to serve hot beverages.

Soon after, people began illegally smuggling tea into England, selling it at lower prices, and bringing with it all the chaos and arguments that smuggling entails. Marshall is a British marital therapist with some curious theories.

At one point, the legitimate tea companies were even struggling to find workers because it seemed that everyone was involved in the tea smuggling network. He advises his clients to have a tea break during lovemaking.

Women all over England donned fancy gowns every afternoon to sit down to some tea and tame their wild, grumbling stomachs. I’ve always wondered what made people suddenly want to drink cold tea.

Iced tea recipes from both England and America have been found dating back to the early 1800s, but it was only in 1904 that this cold beverage became truly popular.

Also, what the East India Trading Company didn’t realize was that many captains of their ships actually helped to transport smuggled tea along with the legal tea, just to make a little extra cash on the side. According to Marshall, this not only creates deeper intimacy but also prolongs one’s desire and the sexual encounter.

Marshall claims that a tea break is a good way to spice up your love life and keep the relationship interesting. If both parties involved have a steaming cup of tea in hand, it allows them time to have a chat. Then again, it might also become more than a little awkward and could possibly ruin the mood. British people will go so far as to break away from sexy time for a cup of tea. The last thing you want while filming a movie is a drunk actor.

And then he took the Guinness World Record for the highest bungee dunk ever. It’s PM, you’ve just come home from work, it’s far too early for dinner, and yet all you want to do is stuff your face.

Well, a certain Anna, the Duchess of Bedford at the time, found herself in this situation one afternoon in 1840.

This is linked to the smuggling of tea and is actually rather horrifying. They soon realized that selling a mixture of other leaves with the tea leaves to the unknowing population would mean that the smugglers had more to sell.