Dating your therapist patti stanger dating andy friedman

A bit of background may be helpful I am a 37 y/o femme.

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I mean, this is like the cure being (almost) worse than the disease! Many people don’t realize what psychotherapy involves at the outset of their participation in therapy.

Though I don’t think that a therapy patient who is forewarned about the possibility that they might fall in love with their therapist will necessarily be able to stop the process from happening or make it less painful when it does occur, on reflection I do think that it is a good idea for therapists to warn their new patients about this possibility as part of their informed consent process. You probably already know this intellectually at least, but it is worth discussing anyway. This is because of how the therapist does her job by focusing all of her attention towards her patient without disclosing any of her own personal difficulties.

The effect is for the therapist to take on the aura of a good nurturing parent, and who wouldn’t fall in love with such a loving presence?

When you develop a crush or a transference on your therapist what you are doing is acting out a wish or fantasy about a perfect love and what that might be like.

This is good because that fantasy then becomes available for therapeutic discussion and the hungers that drive the crush can be talked about and potentially defused or redirected in a more conscious and able-to-be-satisfied manner.

I can empathize with the agony of an unrequited crush/love/transference.