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My ignorance is what landed me in this predicament. I wish I had done my homework and educated myself before subscribing to the online dating site, Christian Mingle. So we talked for a week or so more, and then he said he loved me. So then it was I want to marry you and for me to move in with him. During this period of time, he managed to scam me out of ,200 USD via Western Union and Moneygram. View scammer's photos Name: Paul Clifford Aka: Anthony Marcy Age: 46 Location: London UK.

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Have been single for the past years, am a man with a strong heart, loving, caring, honest, compassionate,affectionate, i also believe in God. I sent him 0 via go Cash card but I sent it to him personally in the city he claimed to be in which was Berlin, Germany. I sent an additional 0 but gave him the transfer code numbers only. The trucks that were taking equipment had an accident. I am new to this online thing so please bear with me. I did that several other times for a total of 0. There I met another woman, who is claimed was his ex-wife, and discovered he was corresponding with her as well. I was getting my check 863.00 and David asked me for the whole check. Anthony speaks fluent German and has a thick accent even though he claims to be from Miami, Florida. I was suppose to deposit it and then withdraw the money and give to him. View scammer's photos Name: Jeffrey Campbell Aka: unknown Age: 50 Location: UK, but not 100% sure where he really lives Address: unknown Phone: 571-335-1130, 937-612-1467 Email: [email protected], [email protected] web sites:, Picasa Report: Before this scammer targeted me as his next victim, I had very little knowledge about scammers and how they operate. I received a deposit but it was from an individual party.

I withdrew some of the money to pay for a plane ticket for Anthony which according to the airline he did not show for and get him some additional cash. I also transfered 0 of my personal money to a Bluebird account which he was named on and he withdrew. He also tried to have money deposited into my personal account but my bank stopped the deposit. It went to Bademosi Adekemi in Cincinnati Ohio 45239. He threatened to use my photos and letters to say I was a scammer if I did not send him the money. I discovered he was in fact a scammer when I went to the address he had given me as his home. Next Name: Christopher Smith Aka: Johnson Carter Age: 53 Location: from Jersey City, New Jersey, living as a soldier in Iraq Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected] web sites: Dating Cafe (Germany) Report: He sent me a message on 'Dating Cafe' (German dating site) We corresponded 1 week, no money was asked yet everything went too fast : 'I want to marry you' after 1 week; he always used the same sentences about love and friendship, as if he were reciting from a book; he repeated things he had told me the day before (bad memory); his English was sometimes good and sometimes very bad; he didn't answer questions about his job; there were too many deaths (unbelievable) in his family : his parents, his beloved wife, his best friend killed in war..I went deeper into the subject, he left the conversation View scammer's photos Name: Jon Felton Aka: Tim Daley Age: 38 Location: United Kingdom, Virginia, Canada Address: unknown Phone: Email: [email protected] web sites: Ok Cupid Report: I'm not sure what he was after. He faked being English that I couldn't understand him on skype. Deposit the 10,000.00 into a Citizens Bank account. It’s important to work on keeping this speed value as low as possible.