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Avanza porque crece la percepción de que la economía globalizada genera desigualdades intolerables entre la gente, las clases sociales, las naciones y las civilizaciones.Para combatir la desigualdad se postula que los gobiernos recuperen sus derechos soberanos a restringir fronteras nacionales y así reducir el comercio transnacional.To prevent the breakdown of industrial and commercial progress, hundreds of creative reformers concluded that the world needed a shared set of facts.

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LIMA – La des-globalización no está representada solamente por el Brexit o el creciente proteccionismo estadounidense.Es una actitud negativa contra la globalización promovida por diversos movimientos autónomos y antagónicos tales como el anti-universalismo occidental en Eurasia, el anti-federalismo en Europa Oriental, el neo-marxismo tipo Piketty en Europa Occidental, y el terrorismo del Estado Islámico en el Medio Oriente.Fifth, many clearinghouses do not have the kind of complete information required by traditional public memory systems: incentives for recording that asset owners can't resist; standard classifications to facilitate identifying and governing the assets; universal access to the information; integration or linkages with other recording systems; provisions to protect third parties from negative externalities; identification of all asset holders and interested parties; limited liability provisions to improve accountability.That's a lot of failure to digest in a single paragraph.During the second half of the 19th century, the world's biggest economies endured a series of brutal recessions.

At the time, most forms of reliable economic knowledge were organized within feudal, patrimonial, and tribal relationships.In these countries, most of our assets and relationships are in the informal sector, outside the legal economy.Because they're not recorded in public memory systems, they cannot be written up as facts and are, in effect, invisible. Without standardization, the values of assets and relationships are so variable that they can't be used to guarantee credit, to generate mortgages and bundle them into securities, to represent them in shares to raise capital.To access our archive, please log in or register now and read two articles from our archive every month for free.For unlimited access to our archive, as well as to the unrivaled analysis of PS On Point, subscribe now.First, various groups of derivatives end users, such as nonfinancial companies and sovereign wealth funds, are likely to be exempted from the clearing process—from 40 percent of them, according to Craig Pirrong of the University of Houston's Bauer College of Business, to 70 percent, according to Michael Greenberger, a former Commodities Futures Trading Commission director.