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For example, if they were making the decision to steal somebody's money, or sexually abuse them, or manipulate them into doing something against their beliefs, they would have the same emotion as when they're deciding about what to watch on the television!Psychopath, sociopath and antisocial personality disorder are often used interchangeably.They are also the skills a psychopath has practiced to control, manipulation and dominate others!

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In his book "The Mask Of Sanity" (1941) Harvey Cleckley lists 16 characteristics.However, Robert Hare's psychopathy checklist is commonly used today for diagnosis.A good CEO needs to be able to take charge, make decisions, and get other people to do what he or she wants.These are often considered to be the signs of a good leader.Remember that their own decision making process is not dominated by emotions, so their decisions are organized around their own selfish motives.

The second aspect is the effect they have on other people's decision making.The decision making of people who fit the definition of psychopathy is very different from yours or mine.They can decide to do things that we would never do.Even in the definition of psychopath above one is used to describe the other.However, some people consider that there are differences, but among lay people (and even some professionals) psychopath is often used interchangeably with sociopath. No definition of psychopath will typically list all the characteristics of the psychopath.Normal people are not expecting others to be evil or deliberately doing harm, and so they justify the initial bad behaviors of the psychopath.