Delta goodrem is dating Gambar seks mak datin

Asked about her new movie 'Josie', and whether she identifies more with her character's troublemaking or mediating sides, she said: "I think I used to be one that would stir up trouble.Now, I don't think I'm that so much; I'm more of a mediator.

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Hugh also posted a cheeky video to Instagram story, in which he showcased Delta pouting for the camera and said: 'Best view on Earth..Opera House is good too.'An eagle-eyed fan noticed the clip and commented 'He's smitten - this post plus his instastory...' onto his kissing selfie post.

Delta's posts also fueled the gossip, with numerous videos on her Instagram story showing Hugh visibly close by.

Confidential reports he met Delta while they were travelling the country together for her national Wings of The World Tour in October and November.

In November, the rocker shared a video of he and Delta making music together, accompanied by the hashtag 'Create'.

There have been a few comments saying the rumours are a load of rubbish, but after last night’s episode, we’d be willing to bet they’ll be firing right back up again.

When rugby player, Tim Conlon stepped on stage to audition with an Ed Sheeran cover, it didn’t take long for Delta Goodrem, 32, to turn her chair…

"Who's the new bloke, since you're not talking about it," Kyle Sandilands asked. A shocked Jackie O exclaimed "are you", admitting that she thought the 'Think About You' singer had a boyfriend.

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"To be honest, I just stay out of everyone's business.

I stay out of everything, I'm very impartial." The 'Game of Thrones' star insisted she has mellowed over the years, and she's now "grown up".

The 33-year-old crooner has been 'quietly hanging out' with rocker Matthew Copley for several months according to Confidential, who have called the pair a 'new couple'.