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Your school then uses information drawn from your FAFSA to determine what your on-campus funding needs are.

Students enrolled in college at least half-time are eligible for federal loans, either through the Direct Federal Loan Program or the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).Federal Direct Loans, subsidized and unsubsidized, are by far the most popular guaranteed loans for university students.If you don’t have enough entries on your credit record, it can impact your ability to borrow – just as if your credit were poor.Even returning students and single parents find themselves without adequate borrowing power.When student loans are used without discretion, student loan debt accumulates at a rate that exceeds some students’ ability to keep pace with repayment.

And some private loans feature high interest rates and rigid repayment terms.

Opportunities for single parents originate from advocacy groups, philanthropic organizations and state and federal programs.

Aid exists at all educational levels, especially since more and more post secondary programs are now geared toward adult learners.

Once you have made a certain number of on-time payments, your co-signer may be removed from responsibility for the loan.

Until such time though, his or her neck is on the line for you, so the arrangement should not be entered into lightly by either party.

Working adults and parents enjoy financial aid for tuition and expenses at institutions like: The student loan market is no longer an exclusive realm for recently-graduated high schoolers hoping to become undergraduate college students.