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The property specifies a method that is called when the property changes.

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Otherwise, the value provided might be failing general type-checking conditions (for example, passing a string when the native type is Double).

UPDATE 07/30/2014: Please be sure to check out the second part to this at Binding a Dependency Property of a View to its View Model, part Deux which contains a working sample solution of the code here.

A class which defines a dependency property must be inherited from the Dependency Object class.

Many of the UI controls class which are used in XAML are derived from the Dependency Object class and they support dependency properties, e.g.

Dependency Property can used over a CLR property in the following scenarios − Basically, Dependency Properties offer a lot of functionalities that you won’t get by using a CLR property.

The main difference between dependency properties and other CLR properties are listed below − using System; using System.

fun topics, it’s helpful to examine some of the main concepts that WPF introduces above and beyond what . The topics in this chapter are some of the main culprits responsible for WPF’s notoriously steep learning curve.

By familiarizing yourself with these concepts now, you’ll be able to approach the rest of this book (or any other WPF documentation) with confidence.

Some of this chapter’s concepts are unique to WPF (such as logical and visual trees), but others are just extensions of concepts that should be quite familiar (such as properties).

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Button class supports the Is Mouse Over dependency property.