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: — (1) Title- slips, (2) Subject-slips, (3) S3'stenmtic-slips. ETn OLO(; Y [For sub-divisions, see 0219.] (il2o ruo Tuzo A.

In the case of works published apart, the place of publication and the number of pages and plates must be given. [For .luti-ilivisions, see 0211.] 011."» I'UOTOZOA.

Each of these must be drawn up in a special fashion. — Each slip is to bear the author's name, the exact title of the work or paper, and the proper reference to the journal, or other book, in which it appears.

1131-1259 luternatioual Catalogue of Scientific Literature, (i\) zoo LOc;v. though primarily determined by the natural divisions of the animal kingdom, do not entirely correspond therewith, because of the great difference in the extent of the natural divisions.

Owixa to the great extent of Zoology, and the consequent .specialisation that occurs amongst its workers, and because also of tlie ilesire that jwrts of the Zoological Cataloyue shall he complete each one in itself, it has been found necessary to divide Zoology into '' Branches." These Ihanchcs.

The title-slips will bo arranged by the Editor in the alpha- betical oi-der of the author's name. The title-slip should also bear one or more words to indicate the taxonomical position of the animal, or animals, treated of.

For furthei- instructions as to the preparation of the slips, see the Instructions for the use of Regional Bureaus. The slips for the Subject Geography must bear both the number of the Brancli referred to, and the symbol used in Topographical Geography ; thus 0627 dg. — Whereas in the Titles the literature of Zoology is arranged according to the author, and whereas in the subject-slips proper it is treated according to the Biological subject, on the other hand it is treated in this Section according to animals dealt with. [Works relating to the Fauna of one or more of the sub-divisions used in J, '• Geography," and dealing with more than one of the Branches of Zoology.] 0231 Taxonomy or Classification in general. In no case must two numbered Subjects be placed on one slip. See also K 0200 ; L 4300.) 0'22'i Geographical Zoology. [Works relating to the principles and modes of Distribution.] Topographical Zoology. [Works relating- to the following Hranrhes taken together, or at any rate to several of them, viz., 2G03 to 4831.]' 2103 ARTHRoro DA. Geography, [For sub-divisions, see J, 1 and 2.] 2431 Arthropoda. 2431 will not include a systematic arrangement of Genera and Species. Or indexed alternatively or supplementally, with reference to treatment — descriptive, statistical, mathematical ; geographical or stational.