Destructive updating theory

Now let's look at some examples: We can also form bonding orbitals using other atomic orbitals.

While reading is a very important learning mode, not all students learn effectively from reading.

Some students respond better to visual and audio stimuli of lecture but often get lost in the material or lose interest in the presentation.

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This theory builds on the electron wave functions of Quantum Mechanics to describe chemical bonding.

To understand MO Theory let's first review constructive and destructive interference of standing waves starting with the full constructive and destructive interference that occurs when standing waves overlap completely. The 1s orbitals of the H-atom are standing waves of the electron wavefunction.Then contrast that against a time when you had to prepare to teach someone else something.You will probably agree that you learned the material better when you were preparing to teach the material.Nevertheless, it gives a reasonable structure for many molecules and its simplicity to use makes it a very useful tool for chemists.A more general, but slightly more complicated approach is the Molecular Orbital Theory.Many people are right in the middle of those two scenarios.