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Unlike HGH in athletes, HGH used to treat medical conditions has clinically observable benefits.

He sees both his wife’s concern and the doctor’s suggestion to use HGH as legitimate.

He is considering letting his son get a bit older, so that his son can at least make something of a choice regarding the HGH injections.

Shortness (and deafness, which The Dish is also exploring at the moment) sits right in the blurry space among disability, disease, and normal. ” Why is 5’2″ too short for a man, but not a woman? Human height does fall along a bell curve, but it varies around the world and throughout history.

Yet, at some point, being short goes from a relative and descriptive term (e.g.

These are disabilities that are a result of the advance of civilization. Imagine trying to use the internet without being able to read or write.

For our prehistoric ancestors on the savanna, no one could read, yet we’d hardly describe any of them as disabled.I am Yao Ming) to a normative one implying a disability.We might think something is a disability for a few possible reasons.As part of a thread called “The Bias Against Short Men,” Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish published an email by a reader struggling with a difficult question: The doctor noticed that my son was comfortably sitting at the bottom of the growth chart and that he would most likely end up a measly 5’5” (a little more than my wife and myself).He went on to say that this could qualify as “idiopathic short stature syndrom.” And that we could potentially get our son on HGH (actually, it’s called r GH I think – see here) if we felt that his projected short height could affect his self-confidence and ultimately, his mental health.It’s critical to recognize that changes in social conventions and the way we design products and facilities can actually change what is a disability.