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Christopher Massey starred alongside his to reprise his role as Michael Barret.

guide is a classic Nickelodeon show that people can look back on fondly.

Devon Werkheiser played the main character Ned Bigby, who wrote down life hacks and tips to help kids get through their school days.

The '90s shows, in particular, are a pop-culture staple, and the network is still thriving today.

From , it seems every kid has a favorite show on the popular network at some point.

The laughs, gags, and cheesy moments seemed like they would never end.

Many of these shows made a lasting impact on people, and they can fondly look back on their favorite childhood show. Child stars have a habit of being famous young, but losing that fame as they age.The lovable, handsome, boy-next-door was played by Nate Richert.After his time as Nate, he didn’t do a whole lot of acting. He resides in Minnesota, playing folky, bluegrass music.. He’s also changed up his look from preppy to hipster, with a lot less hair. Stars Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena Vega, James Maslow, and Logan Henderson made up the members of the band the show was about.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Along with Disney Channel, Nickelodeon has been pumping out successful children’s show for decades.The former actor did attempt to break back into the industry as a writer, but he ended up going to college instead.