Difference between domestic dating violence

To get a conviction the prosecutor must show the contact was forceful and/or unwanted.

Domestic violence under Penal Code 273.5 is defined as “corporal injury” to a spouse, fiancé(e), dating partner or family member.

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In fact there are a number of laws each dealing with specific circumstances, like corporal injury to a spouse, child abuse, date violence and injury to a roommate.

The kind of alleged violence and the nature of the relationship between the parties determine which law (or laws) an incident may violate.

Because there is evidence that 10-20% of teens experience some kind of dating violence, lawmakers in California passed a law requiring public schools to educate juveniles about how to prevent dating violence by recognizing abusive relationships, knowing how to avoid engaging in abusive behaviors, understanding relationship boundaries, and providing information about the forms of sexual abuse or assault.

California makes getting a restraining order very accessible for youths who are victims of teen violence.

Youths under 12 will need a parent or guardian to request a restraining order.

Police can issue an emergency protective order lasting for a few days at any time.Domestic battery, also called “spousal battery,” is a type of domestic violence crime in California.The legal definition under Penal Code 243 is the act is “harmful or offensive” against a current or former spouse fiancé(e), or dating partner; or a father, mother or child.If you are 12 years or older you can obtain a restraining order on your own, without the permission of a parent or guardian.If you are under 18 years old, however, a copy of the restraining order must be sent to at least one parent or guardian, unless a judge decides it is not in the best interest of the juvenile to do so.The victim of the alleged violence does not have to formally press charges for you to be arrested and charged.