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Take the suede-like covering on the sun visors – they feel great, but a loose fitting means they are already starting to sag.

Then there’s the plastic trim around the silver lock pins on the doors which have been finished poorly.

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The front grille is narrower, the bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights are smaller and the front fog lights have been redesigned. I’m not quite sure why the headlights lights don’t fit in the holes they’re placed in and they do seem a little too small for an otherwise aggressive and chunky front-end, but you can make up your own mind on that. Redesigned headlights, a new roof spoiler, new bumper, a redesigned tailgate and a larger Jeep badge dominate the proceedings. Jeep desperately wants the new Grand Cherokee to look and feel more European and this is no more evident than on the back-end.

For me it’s the least effective ‘upgrade’ – it’s just too anonymous – too Fiat Freemont.

As its name suggests, the Grand Cherokee is the plusher and bigger version of the Cherokee.

I hesitate to use the word iconic to describe the Cherokee, but it could mount a serious case for legendary status.

The two words continually pressed home to us throughout the press conference were ‘premium’ and ‘freedom’.

Sometimes ‘premiumness’ was thrown in for good measure. Jeep has the new Range Rover in its sights with the new Grand Cherokee.The new 2013 (model year name 2014) Jeep Grand Cherokee is a facelift of the vehicle launched in 2010.The changes made are – according to Jeep – as a direct result of customer feedback.Lofty ambitions – especially when you consider just how average the current model is.Pretty good off-road, blessed with an army of loyal followers but otherwise unremarkable. So what has Jeep – now fully under the control of Fiat – done to bridge the gap to Range Rover?Not only is it clear and well laid out, it’s also customisable to individual needs, with Jeep claiming it has a total of 100 different options. Sadly if the steering wheel bags a 10/10 on the Petrol Blog scale, the steering itself is a huge disappointment.