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1983's Sudden Impact returns to Dirty Harry form as Callahan investigates a homicide that traces back to a rape victim; a woman determined to take justice into her own hands.Bleak, unflinching, and particularly violent, the fourth film also finds Eastwood in the director's chair.

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Dirty Harry's filmmakers have concocted an impressive array of intense confrontations between their resolute anti-hero and vindictive killer; memorable encounters Siegel stages with confidence and commanding swagger.That being said, Dirty Harry is, and always will be, Clint Eastwood's film.He would rather pull the trigger of his beloved .44 Magnum than brandish a pair of handcuffs, subverting the corrupt system to which he's bound, but his devotion to law and order stays his hand.He would rather act as judge, jury, and executioner than risk a criminal's acquittal, but he draws a rigid line he refuses to cross.Unfortunately, its convoluted endgame, stretched revealations, and lazily defined conspiracies reek of the low-grade action and intrigue that would later dominate the genre in the '80s.

It isn't a bad film, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it also fails to expound upon Harry's personal hell, create a formidable foe and, ultimately, best the original.Director Ted Post and screenwriter John Milius certainly prove their worth, dropping their newly inherited Inspector into the middle of a complex case, constructing a rather elaborate web of deceit for him to unravel, and releasing a steady stream of cannon fodder into the line of fire.They even find interesting ways to bend and twist Callahan's second outing rather than merely rehash everything that worked for Siegel the first time around.Enraged by the the police force's persistence, the Scorpio Killer lashes out and adds kidnapping, rape, and extortion to his repertoire.The ensuing game of cat and mouse eventually puts the tenacious inspector at odds with the city's snide bureaucrats, the public at large, and his own colleagues.Clint Eastwood plays the intrepid San Francisco Police Department Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan.