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I realize that sounds like a job a sex offender would have, but being on deadline forced me to be less judgmental.I gave him my number (a burner, because I am as paranoid as I am committed to my craft) and we texted back and forth.

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I got there a little later than him, bought myself a glass of wine, and tried to remember all the details of my fictitious Disney fandom.Surprisingly (and thankfully), our Disney-related conversation was mostly confined to him recounting his experience as a tram operator at Walt Disney World in Florida.Tavres used to live in Anaheim and was even an engineer on the Disneyland Railroad but still had trouble finding dates.“I’m not the guy who hits on women at the park,and there’s no flag that says, ‘hey I’m single,’” Tavres says.This allows our membership to join in and participate without the requirement of park tickets or annual passes, and FREE PARKING for 3 hours (or 5 hours with dining or movie validation).

Many of our MEETUP events will not require park admissions.

are a group of singles who love to go to the DISNEYLAND RESORT and enjoy all of the entertainment, attractions, and park atmosphere, with like-minded people.

Each MEETUP will start in Downtown Disney District, allowing for dining, dancing, movies, and other entertainments as a destination or before going to Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure parks.

A new dating site just rolled out dedicated to helping you find the Minnie to your Mickey Mouse.

If Tinder wasn't a wild enough experience, Mouse has your name all over it.

So I went through some of my suggested matches’ pics to see what played well with Disney fans.