Doro pesch dating dave mustaine invalidating assignment

This is the same guy that called up my girlfriend and said, 'I fantasize about having sex with you when I have sex with my girlfriend.' And I went, 'What did he say? "[Addressing Dave directly] Really, Dave, you lying piece of shit!!?? Is that why every single night you had to be carried off stage cause you were too fucked up to stand — let alone play or sing. [bassist David Ellefson], [drummer] Chuck [Behler] and I had a deal with the soundman to bury your guitar and vocal in the mix? and finally me to drive two hours to Medieval Times and bring you heroin?"Do you consider it respectful when a fan asks you for a guitar pick that you pick your stinking nose and flick it at them with a, 'There's your pick' response? Your mom and sister were there with you that time, right?

Speaking to Tim Cashmere of Undercover during MEGADETH's October 2009 tour of Australia with SLAYER, Mustaine said (see video below), "We got banned down here [Australia] a long time ago because Jeff Young was playing guitar for us and we were all pretty messed up — heroin was really prevalent — and Jeff ran out in Japan. "You know, it's a long way to come down here and to get people's hopes up and not come, that sucks. I'm sure there's a lot of people that say they're coming and they change their mind. "So when we came down here, it was all about regaining the relationship with the Australian people. "I think if you are honest and you can say, 'Hey, look, we made a mistake...' "I should have beat Jeff's butt and stuck him in a suitcase and went to Australia. And he was in love with Doro, and he goes, 'I quit.' And his guitar tech came up to me and he goes, 'Hey, I can play his stuff tonight — don't worry, man.' I said, 'No, you can't.[laughs] But, at the time, there was just no reasoning with him. This stuff is so involved.' [laughs] And he goes, 'Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've been spitting in his water bottle every night.' And I went... 'Cause it was so disgusting to hear the guy do that." (Note: Another interview with Dave Mustaine where he makes a similar claim about Jeff Young can be found at The Metal Forge.) The following is Young's response, as published on his official My Space blog on December 19, 2009: "I honestly didn't think I would be writing again so soon but in the wake of all the online chatter flailing about, some new info has come to light and there is absolutely no way I'm not responding to this... Then, while you are in rehab, you try to get me and the other members to smuggle heroin into the rehab in a Coke can!? "In your futile attempt to pin your crap on an innocent party — let alone a cancer survivor that is seeking to live a stress-free lifestyle — you've shown yourself to be the most pathetic of human waste imaginable. let's cover a few other areas: "How bout the time you tried to get first, Chuck then Jr.That Metal Show would be a horrible setting for it though._________________Dark Descent Records - Descent Records Facebook - Descent Records Dark Descent Records Band Camp - man, I definitely wanna see this guitar duel happen. But yeah, I think both of them are probably twisting the truth.However, I think Jeff Young is probably being more truthful.Nevertheless, I think most people appreciate Ri P for a lot more than just 'the super technical solos', but it's hardly worth arguing over. They should be reserved only for truly exceptional and rare and special and important bands, bands like Blind Guardian and... I'm interested to see if any other former Megadeth members respond to this. I like Dave, respect him as a musician but I'm inclined to believe this other gentleman because..put so much into that response, it would be a lot of work if he were lying.

I like Megadeth's music but I've always known that Mustaine is a complete fucking asshole. It's great that shit like this is getting thrown at him, even if it is 21 years late. Although, I do think the challenge came off as a bit immature.

Friedman is an amazing soloist but had little to nothing to do with the composition of most of Megadeth's songs, particularly during what would be considered their golden era.

In fact, Ct E was only the second album he even played on, and you've pretty much just disparaged it - so which is it? I'll put up with it from Dave since he has proven himself to be a musical genius, but someone needs to tell Jeff that the only album he played on is a piece of shit compared to the rest of Megadeth's output up until Youthanasia. Megadeth is all Dave riding the coat tails of others, be it Chris Poland, Marty Friedman, etc. On top of that, So Far So Good is a great fucking album, and youre on something if you think its worse then Countdown.

Thanks ever so for placing all of us in that position without our knowledge. "Let us not forget my final gig with your outfit [at] the Monsters of Rock - Castle Donington [England]. 'Countdown to Extreme Bullshit' is a title I would like to submit for your consideration. "The few little bits I've shared to date are just tip of the iceberg — the measly stuff. Finally, there will be no hiding behind other people's talent for you. I'm friends with Chris Poland, Glen Drover, Nick Menza and David Ellefson. Hell, Ill even take So Far So Good over Rust in Peace when Im in the mood for some thrash.

We were supposed to play several more shows on that tour and AGAIN, we canceled for your next trip to rehab. "All the fans you have left want is for you to shut the fuck up and use some of that toxic energy you waste spewing bullshit across the globe, turn it into something remotely positive and make an album that's half as good as 'Peace Sells But Who's Buying?! If the fool wants to keep going, I now sit at the ready to respond in like to his banal verbal attacks. Maybe Eddie Trunk will even let us do it on [VH1 Classic's] 'That Metal Show' so everyone can see what's real? "In closing, I want to respond briefly to the few that are concerned that I might be posting these blogs to drum up sales for my new album. "I don't need the money, I'm fully engaged in my new project, the YMT guitar trio and have no immediate plans to tour in support of my album. And although I've yet to meet Marty [Friedman] and the others, I respect each of their talent immensely. You're entitled to your opinion, but I'd suggest you were on something if you think So Far is better than Ri P.

What he says goes along with Dave's personality, so it seems likely that he's being mostly truthful. But the challenge was a little immature(although I actually wouldn't mind seeing this).