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Recently, however, Verizon has started to take more of an interest in its wireline business.

As the company sets out to deploy small cells, it has realized that it could use the same infrastructure to support faster speeds on the wireline side.

The rationale was that unserved New Yorkers would get broadband sooner by having the state administer funding.

The state of New York held a reverse auction to determine which network operators should get funding and Verizon won back some, but not all, of the funding it previously rejected for New York, which targeted 78,245 locations in total.

It’s an important question as the FCC gets set for a July reverse auction to award billion in CAF funding, including money originally rejected by Verizon for areas in its local service territory.

New York is Unique The state of New York is in a unique position on CAF.

The bug affects all modern Intel processors dating back at least a decade.

We should note that squashing the bug requires a patch at the OS level; and Linux patches have already been distributed (with redacted comments).

The company also has been exploring the possibility of using 5G in a fixed configuration and is quite optimistic about the technology’s potential.

Perhaps the changed environment will drive the carrier to reconsider its attitude toward CAF and we will see the company participate in the upcoming auction. It’s not clear what technology Verizon plans to use for the New York deployments.

But the fiber could be used for backhaul for fixed wireless, fiber-to-the-home or fiber-to-the-node.