Emma stone dating life

The actress is reportedly dating Saturday Night Live writer and segment director Dave Mc Cary, Page Six TV confirms.

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In consequent interviews, she sometimes mentioned her mother as the best friend who is always with her and supporting her through her acting career.

Her charming personality and husky voice wins the fans over all the time.

June 2016 came with rumors of Emma Stone dating Austin Stowell, but it was unconfirmed.

The sources claimed to have noticed a strong connection between Emma and Austin.

co-star, Ryan Gosling, during Gosling's monologue. But romance rumors between Stone and Mc Cary began heating up in July, when she was spotted supporting Mc Cary at the premiere of his big screen directorial debut, co-star, Ryan Gosling, during Gosling's monologue.

3, and it didn’t take long for Dave’s co-workers to notice.Also, get to know about her relationship with Teddy Geiger and Andrew Garfield.Emily Jean Stone, popularly known as Emma Stone is the cute, lovable and funny actress who is the crush of many guys.Well, it seems like Emma has a thing for her co stars.Emma and Kieran co starred in the movie “Paper Man” in 2009 and this triggered their relationship from 2010 till 2011 when they broke up.Basically, Emma Stone is known to have an altruistic heart, helping people whenever she is opportune to do so.