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Individuals with the ENFJ Type, therefore, often find themselves excelling at positions such as veterinary assistant, elementary school teacher, career counselor, home health aide, industrial/organizational psychologist.

Their innovation and visionary ideas also set them up to succeed in careers involving the arts, such as interior designer and craft artist.

Those with a preference for the ENFJ Type are huge people-persons.

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They find pleasure in being an “open ear” or a “shoulder to cry on” for others.This all stems from their desire for real relationships, not just those created out of proximity or mutual acquaintances.The desire to be around people makes business a common area of interest among the Myers-Briggs ENFJ Personality Type as well, so titles such as meeting/convention planner, broadcast technician, and public relations specialist are also common (Allen L. To best excel in these positions, the Myers Briggs Test -assessed ENFJ individual must work on creating specific goals for themselves and themselves only.If those with the ENFJ Type are planning their futures with others in mind, they may miss exceptional chances for growth.The ENFJ Personality Types desire for happiness, peace, and approval can also lead them to some extreme behavior, such as becoming bossy when trying to pacify situations and people who seem to be on the verge of conflict.

Because of their strong beliefs, those with the preference for the Myers-Briggs ENFJ Personality Type may make a bad habit of coming to conclusions without surveying other options or facts that aren’t just their beliefs and opinions.By slowing down their decision making process and making sure to focus on the information available to them, as well as their own personal beliefs (and not those of others), ENFJ Types will learn to make much more informed, well thought out decisions.With working on these skills and, at the same time, keeping their love for their fellow human, individuals who exhibit the ENFJ Type will find success in whatever career they choose.MBTI test assessed ENFJ Types may lack the self confidence to believe in themselves if they are not given ample praise and appreciation, or they may take actual or invented disapproval too much to heart, allowing it to completely bring them down.Because of this, the ENFJ Personality Type can have a hard time taking responsibility to those that are close to them for wrong actions, for fear of disapproval.The ENFJ personality type (as outlined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment, or MBTI® Test) is the Extraverted Feeling with Introverted Intuition type.