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/* * Copyright (c) 2016 toj */ package com.listener; import javax.inject. To avoid the above problems, just use Before-listeners.

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changes from "A" to "B") and the change gets committed, the data gets correctly stored in the database and the version property gets increased by one by Hibernate (e.g.entity.version was 1 and after the update in the database entity.version is 2). Person updated successfullypackage com.boraji.tutorial.hibernate; import javax.persistence. Entity Manager; import com.boraji.tutorial.hibernate.entity. JPAUtil; /** * @author imssbora */ public class Delete Person Example Hibernate: select person0_as id1_0_0_, person0_. 1) When I use persistence.create Transaction rather than Transaction, my app hangs - why is that?

It means that you shouldn’t use Entity Manager from the current transaction.→ This method is used to remove an entity/object from a database. It will throw an exception if an entity already does not exist in the database. Why would one want to use persist() (which can only create new objects)?Either way will add an entity to a Persistence Context, the difference is in what you do with the entity afterwards.The entities all have a version property that is annotated with @Version and a corresponding column for the version in their database table.