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They made an interesting bluegrass banjo with a Bakelite/plastic rim and resonator.Harmony also made violins during the early part of the century.

How many beginning players had a sunburst Stella by Harmony to learn on?

My experience with these guitars goes back to the early 60's.

After all, Sears owned this Chicago guitar company.

These instruments were the same Harmony made instruments except for the label and accounted for almost half of the instruments made. There were also a large number of "House Brands" made by Harmony.

What is known about one of the most prolific manufactures of guitars in this country?

There has been a lot written about the Harmony Guitar Company, but there isn't a lot of information on these guitars. Many a guitar student started on one of their student instruments.At the height of the guitar boom in the 60's, they were making close to 1000 guitars a day and finding their way into many American homes.Harmony was one of the largest manufactures of musical instruments.The Harmony guitar book you have all been waiting for is now here.Read all about the guitars we love in the first printing of the book the cronicles the history and the guitars produced by this USA guitar maker.Along with manufactures like Kay and Regal, Harmony supplied a lot of instruments over the years.