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I have a spreadsheet that is exported from Accu Call Web in Excel format.

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Unfortunately I think if it is a refreshed data set, then you should be able to just format it using Control 1, but when you refresh the data it will probably go back to the "bad" format and you would ahev to re-format again.

The workbook format introduced in Excel 2007 preserves all worksheet and chart data, formatting, and other features available in earlier Excel versions, and the Macro-Enabled Workbook format (.xlsm) preserves macros and macro sheets in addition to those features.

This file format (.dif) saves only the text, values, and formulas on the active worksheet.

If worksheet options are set to display formula results in the cells, only the formula results are saved in the converted file.

Otherwise, data may be lost or not properly separated in the converted file.

You may need to adjust the column widths of the worksheet before you convert it to formatted text format.

For example, if you are using Windows and want to use the text file on a Macintosh computer, save the file in the CSV (Macintosh) format.

If you are using a Macintosh computer and want to use the text file on a system running Windows or Windows NT, save the file in the CSV (Windows) format.

This file format (.txt) saves only the text and values as they are displayed in cells of the active worksheet.

Columns of data are separated by tab characters, and each row of data ends in a carriage return.

If a cell contains a comma, the cell contents are enclosed in double quotation marks.