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Anything at the spa is over 100$, so if you use your 40$, you still need to come up with 60. Most people there were middle age and some with small children. Hope I have been helpful to you to decide where to go..

You can use it on wine in 10$ increments, but the wine bottles are all over 40$. There was no loud partying going on since this was not the college hangout.. By the way there was a lot of seaweed on the beach but we are not salt water people so it didn't bother us.

They give you 200$ in resort coupons, but you can only use 40$ of it at a time. It's actually really pretty awesome and we had a great time.It's not worth it, so I wouldn't waste my time again trying to figure it out. I would definitely recommend excursions when you go. The resort is lovely but a little far from Cancun-no shopping except at the resort. My father passed while we were there and the concerige, Veronica spent hours with us trying to get a flight out. However, the 2 days we were there was wonderful and I recommend if you want to relax, this is the place.There are also people who try to sell you on some membership. They did give us a 50$ voucher that you can use, so we bought a piece of jewelry. They try to haggle you all the way down to 3500$ for a 5 year thing, but it's not worth it Look at the reviews and their memberships. I’ve been to numerous all inclusive resorts but Now Sapphire was the best by far.They eat up half your morning trying to get you to drop 200,000$ to buy their 40 year plan. We were offered a "free" trip back to Mexico if we listened to their spiel. We just came home yesterday and we are already planning on returning next year.I would suggest investing in a piece of equipment to rake and smooth the beach at the same time.

I noticed that a sister property to the south has the exact thing I was speaking about.

If you are flexible in your dates of travel, the Ocean Front room is available in the weeks after March 6.

This is, of course, subject to change, based on availability.

I’ve left the service to Conclude my reply - five star ⭐️ is not a high enough ranking.

From check in to house keeping to beverage waiters men & woman it was remarkable.

The only grievance we had was the beach (which we didn't really spend time at).