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I’m also impressed by how many companies are providing APIs that budget tools can connect to.

On the website, choose Bills from the main navigation and choose between an online and offline bill.

After doing an excessive amount of research I decided I would use Mint.

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I probably read at least 20 different posts, more help threads, and watched a ton of videos.But I was eventually able to corral it to work really well.In the app, go to Overview tap the in the upper-right corner.The advantage to online bills is you can set up alerts.If I can flatten that learning curve for you, great!

So if you’re looking for a post about marketing data check back! I had several challenges going into this project that I had to wrestle through: I have to say I was very surprised I was able to chat with someone on a Saturday afternoon. (Contrast that with having to leave a voicemail and email to get tech support for Tableau. Grr.) I’m specifically going to focus on some of the customizations that are lesser known or were difficult to grasp.I would imagine the steps are pretty similar to the Android app, if not identical.I knew that Mint gave you the ability to hide individual transactions, but I felt like it could be difficult to undo if, at some point down the road, I decided I wanted to track some of these expenses.But then there are other budget items I don’t want to carry over.The reason is that I want to use a zero sum approach, meaning if I go over in one budget I don’t just say “Oh well” and move on. To wit, I move money from one budget item to pay for my excess in another — whether that comes from savings or another account.My biggest advice here is don’t be afraid to create your own custom categories.