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She’s seen a system that has at times protected aggressors at the expense of victims, and the disparities that exist across the state. And her first glimpse of her future came when Zell Miller visited her high school and told her that if she kept a B-average, she could go to college for free. It was a promise that the state made to her, and she made the most of that promise.

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Stacey has also fought for right in the State Capitol.Serving seven years in the Georgia House, she immediately made a name for herself standing up for the promise that was made to her back when she was in high school.The Child & Dependent Care Credit The Child Tax Credit The Earned Income Tax Credit (there is both a Michigan and federal EITC) Educational Tax Credits & Deductions (Hope, American Opportunity & Lifetime Learning credits) (No income tax filing required to claim this credit, just Michigan Form 1040CR-7) The Home Heating Credit is a way the State of Michigan helps you pay some of your heating expenses if you are a qualified Michigan homeowner or renter.You may apply for a Home Heating Credit for your 2016-17 primary heat source.I’m running for Governor to bring hope and opportunity to all Georgia families.

Hope that technical college will be tuition free for all, just as it used to be.

Stacey has lived the struggles that many Georgians face.

Growing up, she moved around from place to place as her family tried to stay ahead of bill collectors.

As your Governor, I’ll never forget what hope – the program and the concept – did for me, and I will work every day to make sure that together, we bring hope back to Georgians from all walks of life.

Stacey Evans grew up in Ringgold, in the Northwest corner of our state.

Hope that we’ll all be able to see a doctor when we are sick.