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If you're going to do some Saturday night drag racing or weekend road racing, step up the power a bit with more cam duration, modification of lobe centers, more lift, and a pinch more carburetor. Cylinder Head Selection Again, bigger isn't always better, especially for street use. or Air Flow Research 225s, don't always make sense for street use unless you're building one heck of a stroker.In most cases, use of single-plane manifolds for street use is not a good choice because they're designed for high-rpm horsepower, not good low-end street torque. If displacement is modest, such as 289 or 302ci, and you're building for the daily commute and occasional weekend fun, more conservative castings such as the Edelbrock Performer or AFR 185 are adequate.Engine failure happens when we don't do the job properly, but sometimes it happens through no fault of our own-we become victims of material failure.This is why we hold our breath anytime we fire an engine for the first time.One of the most exhausting aspects of 25 years in automotive journalism has been watching some of the things people do during engine builds that lead to failure.

There are lots of engine-building myths and urban legends that are just plain, old-fashioned wrong.

Rule of thumb-build for the kind of driving your engine will be exposed to most.

If the car is your daily driver, be modest in your approach, with a good roller cam that will give you excellent low- to midrange torque, with less emphasis on horsepower.

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