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He heard her complain that he ate too much to afford keeping him fed, grew too fast to keep him in clothes that fit, was too big for their furniture, and most recently wasn’t smart enough to get a job to pay back those debts he owed her for taking him in. Grace had been delighted to find Ed was an easy going little brother who pretty much let her do anything to him as long as he was allowed to hang out with her.

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Edward was watching her nervously as she approached and gave her a friendly nod when she stopped beside him. He cursed under his breath, closed his eyes and ran through his mantra to calm himself.“Hello Ed.” She glanced at the pink flowery birthday card in his hand and looked back into his pale blue eyes. His pants, which had been baggy two years back, were no longer that way due to the increased muscle mass he’d put on from training for the football season.Shirley’s food bills were the source of many a verbal flaying during those days.When Ed got to high school he was immediately enrolled in the football team.Red faced, Ed hung up his towel and stepped into the shower.

The room went silent until the coach’s voice boomed out.He was eighteen now and he did his best to put up with the ribbing from the rest of his team though it still hurt.He made his way into the card shop and began his hunt. Melanie’s eyes twinkled when she saw the effect she was having on the big man.He wasn’t as smart as most of them but he got along with many of them regardless of his shyness.Then came the fateful day when the coach walked into the showers to get the guys to stop clowning around.He couldn’t afford new pants so he couldn’t afford to get excited in these ones.