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Inspector General Moechgiyarto justified it saying that girls who are not virgins might be "prostitutes".The equation non-virgin equates prostitutes is deeply entrenched in the Indonesian psyche unfortunately.

A 2014 study from the Pew Research Center found that 97% of Indonesians considered pre-marital sex to be morally unacceptable.On the other end of the spectrum, only 6% of French agreed with that statement.For instance, their is a huge consensus among Indonesians that husbands are the head of the household and that the wives should serve them (over 95% - see page 30 here).Dating or marrying a foreigner is rarely part of this narrative.Registering will allow you to chat with models who allow free chat.

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She also feels the pool of expats is so small that it seems everyone knows each other.

When an Indonesian girl is dating a foreigner, it's just as if she was wearing a big sign saying "I'm not a virgin anymore". To work in the Police or the Military, women must pass a virginity test.

As a friend explained me, most serious expats are married or in a relationship.

Among the ones available for dating, very few actually want any kind of commitment.

A few were even getting cars and nice apartments in downtown Jakarta (those who were dating married men).