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Specializes in Autism Spectrum, Celiac, FTT, blenderized tube feeds, and all children with special needs.Speaker, Private Practice, Clinical Author, Nurturing with Nutrition; Certified Diabetes Educator; Private Practice, specializes in obesity, failure to thrive, food allergies, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, inflammatory bowel disease & celiac disease Specializes in Interstitial Cystitis Diet & Interstitial Cystitis treatments.Our goal is to help you manage a healthy lifestyle whether you want to lose weight, manage your diabetes, or eat right for pregnancy. Specializes in weight management, eating disorders, and intuitive eating.

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Author of several books including A Cookbook for Interstitial Cystitis and Overactive Bladder, Customizing the Interstitial Cystitis Diet and A Guide for Nutrition Educators.She is an advocate for IC patients with over 20 years experience educating, entertaining & motivating her audiences to make healthy lifestyle choices.Director of Nutrition & Health, Imagination to Burn™; Consultant; Speaker; Passionate about educating people about the important role of good nutrition; Loves to experiment with healthy recipes. On-line Nutrition Consulting Service, includes Personalized Diet & Menu Planning; Recipe Analysis & Modifications; Health and Wellness Seminars. Leader Guide Packets & reproducible material are available along with Leader Training.Speaker, Author, Writer, Clinician Founding Director of Health Management; Areas of interest: Corporate Health/Nutrition; Nutrition in Food Service; Sports Nutrition; Aged care; School Nutrition.Speaker; Author; Writer; Blogger; Private Practice; Clinician Owner, Rebecca Bitzer & Associates; Specializes in management consulting, eating disorders, and weight loss.

Provides one-on-one counseling, Nutrition Support Groups & Nutrition Education Classes; On the Board of Directors of Nutrition Entrepreneurs; Nutrition Entrepreneurs Mentor Coordinator.Writer of numerous newspaper articles, co-authored a textbook chapter in a Medical Nutrition Therapy book; Featured in both nutrition and business textbooks.My passion is helping others achieve their personal best, whether it is through improved nutrition for competitive sports, or simply improving the quality of their life by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Special Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free Founder/President at Nutrition Care for Children, LLC. Check out the latest openings in broadcast & cable news for reports, journalists, news anchors, producers and behind-the-scenes production.If you're looking for all the latest news & gossip in the world of TV news, click here.Public Health Nutritionist for Indian Health; Private Practice.