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The office is compiling an online database to track “illegal alien perpetrators of crime.” (Data show that immigrants actually commit crimes at lower rates than U. citizens.) There is, however, no White House initiative to track a more sprawling set of legal violations involving immigrants—violations for which the U. S., only to be sent back to their home countries—with the help of border agents, immigration judges, politicians, and U. In February, 2016, in a speech criticizing the lack of legal representation for Central American children seeking refuge, Harry Reid, at that time the Senate Minority Leader, warned Congress, “Deportation means death for some of these people.” That summer, Senator Edward J. government body monitors the fate of deportees, and immigrant-aid groups typically lack the resources to document what happens to those who have been sent back. Two months later, Nelson died in a prison fire, along with more than three hundred and fifty other inmates.

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He was later sent to prison for unrelated convictions, including bribery, extortion, and drug conspiracy.)Laura had started dating Sergio when she was eighteen, and he soon became physically abusive.

After a particularly horrific night the previous spring, when Sergio assaulted her, Laura had finally called the police, and coöperated with them to secure his arrest. In the year since then, Laura had tried to create a normal childhood for her sons.

In 1939, the government had rejected a boat carrying more than nine hundred Jewish escapees from Nazi Germany.

At least two hundred of them were later killed in the Holocaust.

Before Laura crossed the Mc Allen-Hidalgo International Bridge into Mexico, she turned to the Border Patrol agent supervising her return to Mexico.

“When I am found dead,” she told him, “it will be on your conscience.”, Laura S.She shared a small trailer with Elizabeth and the boys near the Sharyland Plantation, a gated community of houses with lima-bean-shaped swimming pools and Roman-pillared porches which advertised its “delicate scent of hibiscus and bougainvillea flowers.” Sometimes she’d dress the boys in cowboy outfits, and use the neighbors’ sheep and horses as their personal petting zoo.At night, she’d sneak into the citrus groves and pick oranges for breakfast, humming her favorite song, “Single Mom”: “A single mother who does not worry, who will always fight to be a mom.When I spoke to Coronilla’s wife shortly after his death, she told me that she’d returned to Mexico to claim his body. The principle was enshrined in the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, formalizing the concept of the “refugee” and insuring safe harbor for people who could show “a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.” No one with a credible fear of persecution could be expelled “in any manner whatsoever to a territory where he or she fears threats to life or freedom.”For the U.S., the effort to protect refugees was also an act of atonement.Gangs had overrun his home town in Mexico, and deportees were prime targets for crime, since they were presumed to have money. Three months later, gunmen woke him from the bed where he slept with his young son.