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Natural gas is also being effectively used for the production of paints, fabrics, steel, glass and other essential products.

The other byproducts include ethane, propane, butane, pentane and hydrocarbons with high molecular weight and elemental sulfur, carbon dioxide, water vapor and at times helium and nitrogen.Natural gas is undoubtedly the major source for the generation of the electricity via gas and steam turbines.The actor has more than 100 films to his credit and is now acting as a Canada’s tourism ambassador to India. Aamir Khan The actor is very well known for his selective roles and performs in merely one or two films in a year.He also owns a production company which produces not hits but superhits at the box office.Similarly, the projects have been extensively set up to capture the methane gas that is being discharged by some landfills and in turn lead to the generation of electricity.

Natural gas is even a green house gas that is being emitted in lesser quantities as compared to the carbon dioxide.CNG carrier ships comprising the sea transport are highly under development and are truly a competitive option as compared to the LNG transport.Natural gas is even used for the heat generation basically for desalination.Her parents Randhir Kapoor and Babita and her sister Karisma were one of the finest actors of the industry.The actress made her debut in the film Refugee (2000) for which she earned a Film Fare award.In the present era, the gas pipelines are extensively being used in most of the developing countries.