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It has a Pay Flow credit card call setup as a sample and an template for you (as well as the same for pretty much every other Pay Pal Classic API call they offer) so you can have it done within minutes.

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I have set up a sandbox environment and enabled Business Pro so that they can accept Credit Card payments.I am using the Direct Payment function in PHP that you provide on website and pass the following parameters: $payment Type, $payment Amount, $credit Card Type, $credit Card Number,$exp Date, $cvv2, $first Name, $last Name, $street, $city, $state, $zip, $country Code, $currency Code It makes the call with $res Array=hash_call("Do Direct Payment", $nvpstr); and the $nvpstr string is '&AMT=1&CURRENCYCODE=GBP&PAYMENTACTION=Sale&CREDITCARDTYPE=Visa&ACCT=4137350247384347&EXPDATE=122020&CVV2=123&FIRSTNAME=Test&LASTNAME=Last&STREET=The Larchlands&CITY=Penn&STATE=Buckinghamshire&COUNTRYCODE=GB&IPADDRESS=90.2' Why am I getting a failure response: Direct credit card payment API call failed. Free Cams is the first real interactive video entertainment pornsite in the world where people can decide what they want to see in their movies.It's a full new dimension experiencing it in different angles, slipping into different roles and having the right scene people really want to watch.You won't miss a single fuck or suck with our outstanding quality movie and cinema style sound!

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Payments Pro 2.0 should give you access to both of those APIs so you could use either one you want (although, I have seen where 2.0 accounts still require Pay Flow for some reason.) I actually have a blog article on the History of Pay Pal Payments Pro if you care to read more details about that.

If it turns out you do need Pay Flow, take a look at this Pay Pal PHP SDK.

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