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Shifting slowly in his cot the dream faded, it was alright he had just wet his nappy in his sleep.

He was safe in his cot; the golf club was a distant memory not to be seen again soon.

Simon hissed loudly “David you are wetting your pants!!!

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A warm fresh terry square neatly folded from the airing cupboard, another maxi Tena from the large stack under the changing table, fresh plastic pants, the Pampers wipes and nappy rash cream to hand.She went out and returned with something he could not quite see. “Pleath Pleath Mummy” he muttered while still su-king on his bottle.If David had been prepared to acknowledge the truth he would have realised that he had only heard her have an orgasm since he slept in the cot.In his former life as a husband his attempts in the marital bed had been shallow, quick and totally unexciting for Jane.If he was to sulk or protest that he did not want to his Mummy had a simple rule; behave like an adult and get punished like an adult.

That meant a hard spanking that really hurt with the pain lingering for some time often over a day coupled with some cunningly designed additional outrageous exposure in public that left him shaking with embarrassment and fear.He had no adult clothes, no money, no credit cards, no bank account, in fact no escape that he could think of at all.As his dream and wet nappy had confirmed last night he almost certainly could not keep dry at night and although he did not want to admit it he needed a nappy during the day as well.It was a sweet sweet little baby dress; he recognised it as one of Unikarens designs. How long had it been since she had played with him like this, it seemed ages since she had done anything so overtly sexual.It was pink and baby blue with lovely bear and maypole motifs; obviously short, very high wasted it flowed thickly out from chest level, soft petticoats splayed out just visible underneath. “Tell Mummy about the dress” she said “tell me how you want to wear it” She smiled lovingly at him and as ever his own sense of surrender to this gorgeous women that he loved so much overcame everything.He used, years ago, to always tear off his baby clothes and vow to himself he would never do it again.