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A week ago, fellow PT blogger Mark White wrote a post about the fact that "there are valuable insights that can be gleaned from basic economic principles applied to situations usually not regarded as economic in nature, especially marriage, family - and dating." To illustrate his point, he mentioned a post I had written about women's competition for "good men." He proposes that this competition could be seen as an application of the prisoner's dilemma (which he nicely describes).

Using the prisoner's dilemma, he shows that when women collectively spend resources, including time, money and energy, in competing for the same good men, they are losing out collectively.

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Mating is one of our core motivations, and we must be intelligent about it.

I personally think these books address our confidence - they hold our hands in helping us pay attention to things we already know, but that's another blog post for another day.Using a competitive framework, I argue that often we do these behaviors to look good, compared to rivals.White's post by saying that her examination of high achieving women shows that they are redefining what "good men" are, and that they are spending less time competing for mates.With Tony's webcam reviews you'll get all the information you need to know what's true and what's just another colorful promotion slogan.Find out which features on sex chat are for free and choose the sex chats sites with the best, and cheapest livechat options.Although there have been many successful (or at least profitable) books written about how to tell if someone is, or is not, romantically or sexually interested in oneself, I think we are all quite smart about mating.