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Indeed, the vibrant, diverse areas of NYC could fill a book.

And things to do in New York span across all of these neighborhoods.

This part of NYC is also a magnet for adventurous foodies, and you will find vendors selling things like live eels and pork buns to the public.Don’t let the name of the neighborhood deceive you: Chinatown also has Vietnamese food and more.Once you give your regards to Broadway, walk through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and stop to smell the roses at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.Of course, you should always bring your camera to New York so you can snap pictures of the architecture, landmarks, and community gardens.You can certainly relax, be entertained, and take break from the hustle and bustle while you enjoy some of the best sights and sounds.

Start by taking in a show (or two, or three) in the theater district.A friend of mine invited me, I invited her, and the rest..history.Its kind of a cool first date if you're both pretty open minded.This attitude is reflected in local brunch spots and beyond.Things to do in New York City include more than trekking through the streets all day.Fun things to do in NYC run the gamut of interests, from the culinary to the artistic.