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2017 Mc Cormick X4.2 64 HP 1 rear hydraulic remote front end loader 3 point 540 PTO 4WD 12 speed transmission 2 Post Canopy, Fuel Type: Diesel, Loader, PTO: 540, Remote Hydraulics: 1, Tires or Tracks: Tires The new and used Mc Cormick tractors you find for sale today, with models ranging from a compact tractor line for orchards and vineyards up to high-performance 300 horsepower or greater models, have a long and storied history.

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Whether you've met someone online or are meeting someone that you have just met.The Mc Cormick farm equipment name traces its roots back to the early 1800s when Cyrus Hall Mc Cormick got his start by redesigning a reaper originally created by his father.From that came the Mc Cormick Harvesting Machine Co., which, in 1834, was awarded a patent for a cast- and wrought-iron plow.Utilizziamo le informazioni anche per mostrarti pubblicità relative a film simili che potresti voler vedere in futuro. Questo non significa più pubblicità, ma annunci personalizzati.Quando consenti ai nostri partner di utilizzare cookie per raccogliere dati simili a quelli che raccogliamo sui nostri siti, permetti di fornirti annunci pubblicitari sui nostri siti che loro ritengono corrispondenti ai tuoi interessi, come offerte relative a prodotti che ami, e di valutare, riferire e analizzare le tue interazioni con questi.In 1902, Mc Cormick and several other manufacturers combined into the International Harvester Co.