Girl webcam footage

There are three main steps: change default passwords, check all the available security settings, and secure all of your other devices with an internet connection.

THIS terrifying footage captured on home security cameras is said to reveal the presence of ghost that is terrorising a young girl.

"The problem’s not just restricted to IP devices, but to any device that has a connection to the Internet.

It shows a doll's head moving on its own while objects on a living room table are blown to the floor before the table moves and the room starts shaking.

The footage was said to be recorded by the girl's father after she complained of something bothering her. It shows the playing with a toy in her room, while another doll sits upright in the corner.

David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, commented: "The fact that a website is able to stream footage from thousands of cameras, illustrates the risks that consumers are taking by not changing the default passwords on camera enabled devices.

It only takes a minute to change a password, and the longer it is left unchanged, the greater the chance that the device will be compromised." A related threat means that malware on computers can turn PCs into tools for online Peeping Toms.

Seconds later, pieces of spare paper begin billowing as though they are caught in a powerful wind.

She flees the room as heavier objects on the table start to be thrown on to the floor and a nearby sofa. Online viewers were sceptical about its authenticity with one writing: "If I was the owner and it wasn't faked this property would be a paved lot in less than a week." Videos said to show the presence of poltergeists are common.The footage, filmed last Thursday around 11am, showed the couple wrapping themselves up in a sheet on the grass as they saw officers arriving.Police in Tangara, southern Brazil, sent a patrol car to investigate after receiving a string of text messages and phone calls alerting them to the lovers.Too many people are leaving their internet-connected webcams wide open to silent perverts, the UK's privacy watchdog has warned.The ICO has urged everyone to make sure they've changed their passwords on the devices from the factory defaults, which scumbags are exploiting to spy on victims from afar. Paragliders logging in to a live streaming feed were shocked when they saw the x-rated performance instead.