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READ ALSO: Prostitutes in Nairobi through white man’s eyes (photos, video)Anne took us through her days work as a commercial sex worker at Majengo, she told us she rarely sleeps as she has customers throughout the day.Her work can start from as early as 5am in the morning continue as late into the night.

Research by the charity Ujamaa, which runs the self defence programme, shows that one in four women in Korogocho experience sexual assault.The ‘cucus’ or grandmas in the local Kikuyu language, learn how to poke assailants in the eyes, whack them in the groin with a walking stick or break their noses with the palm of a hand.You scare him because this is not the person he expected.” One of the women attending the class was accosted by a young boy while walking home from her vegetable patch.“She called at the top of her voice, ‘Hey, Kamau, why are you so far behind and this boy is disturbing me? “No man was with her – she is probably a widow – but she was able to save herself.” The twice-weekly classes are supposed to last two hours, but instructors first gauge their students’ energy levels.Jane is hoping women from other areas take part in similar karate classes.” Three women like me can stand up to five attackers.” she said.

Give it up for the power and strength of these women.The court heard that the 30 year old man got home at 9pm while his wife was asleep, and served himself food before going to the bedroom where he demanded for sex from Elizabeth Orende.Upon being denied his conjugal rights, a furious Wakoli allegedly descended on Elizabeth with kicks and punches, which resulted in Ms Orende bursting into screams.Mr Wakoli denied the charge and was released on a Sh10,000 cash bail.The case heard by Chief Magistrate Emilly Ominde, will resume on April 21, 2016.24) Jane and 19 other women meet weekly for a self-defense class in a slum in Nairobi where they learn what is believed to be Shorin Ryu style karate applications.