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The channel airs both local as well as international shows, but the basic focus on informative programming remains.

– Description: Alpha TV is a Greek terrestrial channel. 100% shareholder of which is the Alpha Media Group Ltd., a member of the DEMCO Group of Companies.

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However, like in Catholic and other non-Orthodox faiths, the Greek Orthodox Church does practice 40 days of Lent leading up to Holy Week, which is filled with tons of celebrations and ceremonies to honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Much like Semana Santa in Spain, Holy Week in Greece for those who practice the Greek Orthodox faith is a time of reflection, ceremonial processions, and celebratory feasts and parties.Alexandra Simeonidou, the author, welcomed me at her home. “Why did you call your book ‘Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert? “If only I knew how my noble pilot would behave after we got married, I would have never taken this decision in my life”, she replied. In order to travel, I needed the written consent of my owner – my husband…” She takes a breath and explains that in the Arab world, women do not have the same rights as men. They go out only when they are escorted by their husbands or brothers. “Marriage is like a business deal in Saudi Arabia.” “A woman at the appropriate age is shown to potential husbands in pictures and if their families agree, the woman’s family offers the bride and receives money in return from the groom’s family.” If a woman does not follow the rules of the Sharia law, she commits a ‘haram’, a sin. “She came to Saudi Arabia to visit me, when I was pregnant. She was a dynamic woman who wished to save her daughter. Traveling from one end of the house to the exit seemed like a journey that lasted forever. The owner, a kind man, helped us and hid us under some food cans for a few hours.“The Arab world is so much different from ours”, she added. They live in a male society where women are nothing but a “pleasure instrument”, she explained. “How did you manage to survive and deliver your baby? Then we got into a car that took us to the Greek Embassy.But, as they say, love can cross over mountains and surpass the greatest difficulties. He received a special permission from his family – a privilege that only 4% of the population has – to marry his beautiful Athenian bride…

If all that sounds like a fairytale to you, well I can assure you that if you were with me at this beautiful apartment in downtown Athens last week, you would think not. And the lady in front of me was not smiling when talking about her life as presented in her autobiographic book “Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert.” The story told is some years old but still a shivering one, and a story that describes the customs of the Arab world in the best possible way. We got into a convenience store at a long distance.“My prince had a dominant mother who did not like a ‘stranger’ bringing the first male heir of her family to life.” “When I got pregnant he became a tyrant. He hit me, he threw me down, he kicked my belly, he even stepped on it and he threw detergents to my body and face…. There, however, the authorities could not issue a passport for me, since I was married to an Arab. I was taken to the hospital, as all the tortures I had suffered had weakened my body. I decided to write my story, my life…” “My son, now aged 25, has no particular relationship with his father, he is the hero of my other book, the ‘Saudi’s Son’”, she added at the end of my stay.At the hospital, a gynecologist from Egypt help me. A week through which my mother and the Embassy tried to come to an agreement with my family to allow me to travel to Greece. The book “Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert” is part of Alexandra Symeonidou’s autobiographic trilogy. (Posted on: 11/09/2017) Moving Servers We are currently moving to a better server for the website and videos, the videos might be kinda slow at the moment but we are trying our best to fix that asap. Source 1 videos (UPDATE) UPDATE: We have added a new server for source one for all videos to help with loading and buffering times enjoy!She was in France studying in college, when she had to make a choice for her career that apparently would change her life forever.