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Well, let’s take a look and see, and also consider what we mean by a “mail-order” bride as compared to traditional dating and marriage arrangements.Chinese brides choose to marry foreign men for a multitude of reasons.It is easy to look at your own success and think it could be just as easy/possible for anyone.

There has been a proliferation of such web sites over recent years offering Chinese mail-order brides but, in reality, this is just one of the options for foreign men looking to find a Chinese woman to be their wife.So, what is it about Chinese brides that men find so attractive, from both a mental and physical perspective?You won't know about China until you set foot in China and live there and judge based on your experiences. He has a bias towards southern Chinese women, since they tend to prefer non-Asian men the most.Sorry to say, but he does not know much about northern or eastern Chinese women.Chinese brides remain in high demand from foreign men throughout the world.

Despite there being severe competition from other women from, say, The Philippines, Thailand, Russia or a number of Eastern European countries, web sites relating to Chinese brides, both for so-called “mail-order” brides and also for marriage to Chinese women via more conventional routes, always seem to gather the greatest number of searches and hits.

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But what about those potential Chinese brides who aren’t so lucky and, maybe, haven’t ever been outside of their home country—or possibly even qualify as “leftover” women, having reached the grand old age of 27 and been unable to find a local man owing to local prejudices and customs? This is where internet dating comes into play: At the end of the day for Chinese brides looking for a foreign husband, and for the foreign husband for his potential Chinese bride, it all comes down to a question of demand and supply. If both parties achieve what they are looking for and happiness ensures…