Handling bossy and intimidating people

Remember that a bossy person cannot really take your freedom away from you unless you give him/her the permission to do.Put freedom above money, relationship and other forms of “pseudo” security that your mind may be seeking.

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Don’t get reactive or emotional, but speak from a space of calm presence.

Don’t try to put the other person down, but just make your stand clear, letting them know what you prefer and what your requirements are.

Bossy people are not necessarily “ill intentioned”, but they tend to impose their will and intent upon others, thus impinging on their space and freedom.

In this article we seek to give some pointers on how to deal with bossy people in your life.

When you feel free within, your external reality will automatically attract benevolent factors into your existence.

You will have to deal with bossy people all your life if you are willing to give away your freedom under their influence.3.) Put Your Freedom Above Everything Else – When you feel victimized by people who are bossy around you, it’s simply a reaction of your being to the loss of freedom that you feel within.Only you have the power to reclaim your freedom, and stay free, no-one else can really help you with this.In order to deal with bossy people you need to overcome your fear and insecurity, and find security in your inner guidance.The mind is fearful but your heart always knows the right path to take.No matter how much someone tries to impinge on your freedom, it’s possible for you to stand your ground when you feel confident of your own guidance.