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"Nobody can predict the future and every child develops differently," says Cheryl Edwards, an audiologist and interim director of diagnostic audiology at Boston Children's Hospital."But with the right support, there is no reason why a deaf child can't thrive at school." Here's how to make sure your child gets what he needs.Deaf Dating is an absolutely safe and secure place, protected from scam by the latest technology available today. Retrospective study including children with moderate-to-severe bilateral hearing loss, born between 19, diagnosed and managed in our institution.By the time your child goes to school, you will be an expert on what works and doesn't work for her, so don't be afraid to share those tips with her teacher.

For example, most kids with hearing loss don't hear well if their back is turned to the speaker, especially in noisy classrooms, so teachers should get in the habit of catching their attention visually before speaking.

If hearing loss is mild, your child may not need special academic services but could still use certain communication accommodations in the classroom (such as always being seated near the teacher).

In that case, your school will put together a Section 504 plan, to ensure those accommodations are put into place.

You aren't getting a favor or special treatment when you ask a teacher to use a hearing amplification system or to make sure your child sits in the front row; he's legally entitled to such arrangements.

In fact, federal law requires schools to provide all students with access to the educational environment and to incorporate accommodations and modifications for students who need them, and federal special education laws have supported the need for audiology services in schools for more than 30 years. ASHA (asha.org/public) and the American Society for Deaf Children (deafchildren.org) are two good resources for more information about your child's needs and rights in the classroom. All content on this Web site, including medical opinion and any other health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.

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