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Match has a humongous fan base comprising of 1.7 million users across 24 different countries in the world.It is an established matchmaking service with 13.5 million visits a month."That is the single biggest problem with online dating," Fisher agrees."knows it and everybody else knows it too. When you get the feeling that there's an endless trail of possibilities, you end up choosing none.

So you gotta find out what you like about the person and focus on it."WHAT'S YOUR TYPE?

Dr Helen Fisher's questionnaire serves to divide people into four personality types: explorers (the fun, adventurous ones), builders (reliable home-makers), directors (the powerful, bossy kind) and negotiators (empathetic communicators).

Do you embrace adventure or would you rather stay home and play Connect Four? Firstly, its creator has cred: New York-based Fisher is not just chief scientific advisor to, but a well-respected academic and the author of five best-sellers on the evolution of sex and love – an area she's been studying intensely since the 70s. The company launched in the 90s when online dating carried a loserish stigma.

That was a small, only slightly creative taste of the questionnaire designed by biological anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher for the dating site

Ten years later, people were viewing it as an okay pursuit – for other people.

"Now, people are saying 'it's for me too'," says Fisher, on the phone from New York.Their house, surrounded by colonial-style mansions, was a modernist glass box, the heat came up from the floor, the hi fi system rocked, privacy was afforded by an abundance of land on the other side of the glass walls. She went to boarding school and got excellent grades.Her father gave her books about sex in an era when it was rare to acknowledge it.Ghosting is "quietly disappearing after days, weeks or months" after dates.Zombie-ing is "when a 'ghost' comes back from the dead weeks or months later, usually in the form of a sporadic text." Breadcrumbing is "keeping in touch with someone via messages or other social media engagement as a way to keep your foot in the door with little to no intention of wanting a relationship with them." Read the entire study here.So I go to anything from the theatre to a documentary to a coffee shop to see a friend.