abstinence and dating Help christian daughter dating athiest

Anderson for a different perspective on that question.You say that you “fear for your daughter’s life;” I think, based on your description of her choices, that this is a massive overreaction on your part.

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Again, understand a mother’s love for her children.

I will do anything I can to protect my children, and that means making sure that they are going down a righteous path.

I saw your response on your website and thank you for writing back but I don’t think you understand.

As I have said, while she is very independent she is not yet mature (she can be very selfish and I fear her being in New York has taught her to value the materialistic things of this world). So please understand my very real fear that she is signing up to spend eternity in hell because she chooses an un-Christian-like lifestyle.

Mary tells me she does not drink (she claims she does not see the point) but for how long until she gives into the temptation of drinking?

What about peer pressure from hanging out with his family and his friends?

Full disclosure, in case you want to stop reading now: I’m an agnostic who was raised Catholic (which is a kind of Christian, btw) and I don’t think drinking, having sex, having a boyfriend of a different religious denomination, or making “only” ,000/year are wrong, especially not for an adult woman.

I think the emphasis on “purity” by Christian church, especially in America, is sexist and toxic for both men and women; I suggest reading Damaged Goods by young Christian feminist thinker Dianna E.

If she did move back in with someone who talks only of wanting to control her, it would make me seriously worry about her emotional well-being. It isn’t your job to break up her relationship or “lead her back to God” (which conveniently dovetails with leading her back to live with you, huh, interesting) or “help her grow.” Your job now is to love the adult woman as the fully-formed independent person that she is.

That doesn’t mean liking all of her choices, but it does mean finding a way to accept that they are her choices.

I need help in making her realize that Jim is not a good person for her and that she will suffer in the long run as a result from being with him.