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I started to read some sexy stories and I loved those on exhibitionism and wives.

The stories in which the husband gets excited watching his wife making love to other person excited me much.

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He spread my legs and put his cock in my cunt asking me for more details.

I told him, ā€œ Dc wants me to wear revealing clothes that will show off the cleavage in my breasts.

I am Rekha and I am going to narrate true incidence of my life.

I am working in a private concern as Personal Assistant for many years. I am 28 and married to loving husband who too works in public sector company.

I have firm breasts and I am very proud of those globes.

They make every male look at me twice and I have trouble shaking away many such lechers.Dc was a great guy full of energy and in no time he had the company moving.Dc was tall, 5ā€™8ā€ and had nice stout body with pleasing smile and sweet talk. I got all this through my collogues and when ever I used to see him, something in me turned on and I really thought of being close to this man and was secretly admiring him.There was an internal hunt and I decided to apply and I got the job.At the final interview with DC , he told me plainly that the work would be hard and with long hours and that he expected his secretary to be smartly dressed for work.So I too decided to wear the clothes as per my Dcā€™s code.